Browntop Millets(Andu Korralu) 399.00

Benefits Of Browntop Millets(Andu Korralu)

Treats Coronary Artery Disorder
Helps in Weight Loss
Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer
Helps to decrease high blood pressure
Helps in preventing Celiac disease
Controls Diabetes
Good Source of Antioxidants
Helps in slowing down muscle degradation
Aids in Sleep
Helps in relieving menstrual cramps
Aids breast milk production
Improves skin elasticity



Browntop Millets(Andu Korralu):

  • Gluten Free Food
  • This millet is grown naturally has no chemicals and pesticides.
  • Rich Source of fiber, highest 12.5% among all millets
  • Controls Blood Sugar level and reduces risk of Heart Attack
  • Preservative free

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Weight 1 g


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