Dried Longan 375.001500.00
1) Anemia.
2) Insomnia.
3) Brain Health.
4) Immune Defense.
5) Antioxidant Action.
7) Diabetes.
8) Heart Health & Blood Pressure.
9) Gout.
10) Memory.
11) Fat Burning.
Reduced body weight and overall fat.
Reduced blood triglycerides levels.
Reduced liver fats.
Reduced the activity of genes implicated in storing fats in the body.
Increased the activity of genes that reduce.
Increased PPAR alpha, which is hypothesized to boost metabolism and fat burning.
Enhanced fat elimination through the stool.


It effectively stimulates spleen and heart conditions, rejuvenates blood circulation and provides a soothing effect on nervous system. It also reduces the risk of cardiac arrest and strokes. Longan is beneficial for skin as well. Longans contain anti-ageing properties and are proven to improve skin health.


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